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Trial Time: 1 hour from processor boot time
No Refunds: Due to registration limitations, we offer free trial versions of all software and encourage you to verify your application with the trial software before you buy a license
HADA Home Screen

This Users guide is designed to help you get the most out of your new HADA Smart Home OS System.

HADA Smart Home OS system places total control of you home into the palm of your hand. HADA is capable of controlling not just your Home Theater and Audio Visual systems but it can also control your Lighting, Shades, Music, Yard & Pool, Climate and much, much more all at your fingertips and integrated seamlessly into your home. And that's not all, you can have this control from anywhere in the world! Check on doorbells and security cameras, control lighting and shades and access advanced scheduling features right from your hand held device, smart phone or tablet, mounted touch screen, and even the physical switches and hard button remotes in your home, all tied together into one seamless, reliable and simple to use system.

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