Trial Available : Yes
Trial Time: 1 hour from processor boot time
No Refunds: Due to registration limitations, we offer free trial versions of all software and encourage you to verify your application with the trial software before you buy a license

This document will assist you in the installation, configuration, administration and testing of the H.A.D.A. Smart Home OS Core and Drivers for the following processors.

  • RMC3
  • MC3
  • AV3
  • CP3
  • PRO3

*Please Note: on RMC3 processors the programmer must configure the system for single-slot use therefor the drivers installation section will not apply. To use the RMC3 in multi-slot mode you must purchase the upgrade from Crestron. 

We have tried to be as complete as possable in this guide however some assumptions on skill level are made. We recommend watching the Crestron toolbox online coarse or having relative experience with loading programs on to Crestron processors, touch screens and remotes. Additional skills in using and understanding the Crestron Debugger are helpful but not required.

The integrator will also need to have skill in setting up the hardware for the system such as light switches and controllers, shade motors, av gear, etc. As these are all a standard part of setting up any system we will assume all equipment has been setup and installed correctly.

We have created template documents for all the information that will be needed to properly setup a system. We recommend that you download and print these documents for use in your own systems.
Please Note: These documents will be required and referenced for all live service and support

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