H.A.D.A. Smart Home OS

 What is H.A.D.A.?

H.A.D.A. is short for (H)ome (A)utomation & (D)istributed (A)udioVisual

Please note: The planned release date for H.A.D.A. is 01/01/2020.
All information here may change without notice until that date, Thank you
If your an Integrator and would like to use HADA in your own projects
Then give us a call at (424) 225-1516 and we would be happy to give you more information. 

H.A.D.A. is a custom written Smart Home OS for the Crestron 3 series processor that utilizes the advanced automation capabilities, device connectivity and media controls available in Crestron control processors and combines them into a simple to use interface that can be ran on your mobile device, tablet, mounted touch screens, computer, laptop and even basic reliable hard button remotes. H.A.D.A. offers full home automation and property control from a simple to use and documented interface.

  • End users that would like help with the remote and handheld device setup, Default button mappings, and touchscreen interfaces should read the Users Guide.
  • Integrator's and on-site installers should check out the Integrator's Guide for details on initial installation and setup.
  • For information on building the required driver package for end user devices, please see the Programmer's Guide.


Welcome the the H.A.D.A. user guide. This guide is intended the help end users of the H.A.D.A. Home OS system to better understand the many features and settings available to personalize the system to your specific needs. All examples given and shown are taken directly from our user interfaces.


Get the system up and running in record time with our step-by-step setup guides geared for on-site technicians and is intended to be a "how-to" guide for the installer and/or integrator that is bringing the control unit online. The guide will then continue into the configuration and setup of the HADA Smart Home OS core.


This guide is intended as a how to for the programmer that must create the driver package for the system. This is a simple process however, there are basic SIMPL windows skills that are assumed to be know. We recommend that at-least the first of the Crestron Programming courses be taken but anyone with the relative skills or experience working with SIMPL windows symbols in the past should have no trouble.

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