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Trial Available : Yes
Trial Time: 1 hour from processor boot time
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Our Auto-Que TCP client offers the following additional functionality

  • No need for an IP-ID just add as a standard module in your program
  • Ability to set IP Address at runtime
  • Ability to set Port number at runtime
  • Ability to set MAC Address at runtime
  • Ability to send a Wake On Lan packet to the device
  • Built in Que and send connection methodology

Module Signals List

NameTypeDescription and Usage
QUE_ENABLED DIGITAL Hold HIGH Enables auto que (CLIENT_CONNECT has no effect while signal is HIGH)
LOW Disables auto que
CLIENT_CONNECT DIGITAL Hold HIGH to Connect to the client IP and port number.
(Has no effect when QUE_ENABLED is held HIGH)
SEND_WOL DIGITAL PULSE to send a WOL Magic Packet to the MAC address set in the CLIENT_MAC signal
Port number used to establish connection on client device. 
CLIENT_IP STRING IP Address of the client device (
CLIENT_MAC STRING MAC Address of the client device (AA:BB:CC:DD:EE:FF)
REQUIRED: for Wake On Lan functionality
CLIENT_TX$ STRING String data to be sent to the client device.
When QUE_ENABLED is held HIGH, any change in this data will automatically connect,
send, and disconnect regardless of CLIENT_CONNECT status.
CLIENT_CONNECT_F DIGITAL Goes HIGH when there is a valid connection
CLIENT_STATUS ANALOG Standard TCP client status response (2d = Connected)
WOL_SENT DIGITAL Ack that the WOL packet was generated and sent
MAC_ERROR DIGITAL Goes HIGH if there is an invalid MAC address
CLIENT_RX$ STRING String data received from the client
QueSize Decimal Set to a size larger than your longest intended command string
QueTimeout Seconds How long (in seconds) to stay connected to a device waiting for a response
ConnectTimeout Seconds How long (in seconds) to keep atempting to connect to the client device
(in que mode timeout will reset connection, in NON-que mode timeout will throw an error message)
EMail STRING Email address used at time of registration. Set to "" for demo mode
Registration Key STRING Registration key issued at time of purchase. Set to 0 for demo mode

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